bollywood pageant CATEGORIES


The Bollywood Pageant is open to all contestants of South Asian descent (at least one parent must be of South Asian descent) who reside in the United States. Contestants must be United States citizens, permanent residents or valid visa holders  and must meet the age requirements stated below.  No experience is necessary. 


MISS TEEN BOLLYWOOD - Miss Teen Bollywood Contestants must be between the ages of 13 and 17 (included).
MISS BOLLYWOOD - Miss Bollywood Contestants must be between the ages of 18 and 35 (included) and must never have been married before.
MRS. BOLLYWOOD - Mrs. Bollywood Contestants must be currently or previously married (we may require a marriage certificate to prove it!). Ages 21-59 years.

KIDS PAGEANTS (12 and Under)
Baby Mr./Miss Bollywood - Age Under 1 year 
Mini Mr./Miss Bollywood - Age 1-2 yrs
Tiny Mr./Miss Bollywood - Age 3-4 yrs
Little Mr./Miss Bollywood - Age 5-8 yrs
Tween Mr./Miss Bollywood - Age 9-12 yrs

Mr. Bollywood - Age 18+
Senior Mr./Ms. Bollywood - Age 60+