This pageant has been organized by Bollywood Shake since 2012 including the Teen, Miss, Mr. & Mrs. Bollywood and Teen, Miss, Mr. & Mrs. South Asia International titles. This pageant has received extensive press coverage on Fox, ABC, Houston Chronicle, TV-Asia, Indo American Newspaper, Voice of Asia Newspaper and several other South Asian and Main Stream media channels.

With the motto "Beauty with a Purpose", the aim of the Bollywood Pageant International has always been to provide a platform for strong, independent and smart women to showcase their personalities while being a role model for women everywhere. Each year, the pageant picks a charitable organization as the charity partner and strives to build awareness and raise funds for the organization. Some of our charity partners have been Vibha (working to provide underprivileged children with education, health and opportunity) and Daya (serving South Asian women, children and men who have been the victims of domestic violence ).

Bollywood Pageant International finals are held in Houston, TX with contestants from all over the United States competing for this coveted title. Past title winners and non-winners have had many doors open up for them after participating at the pageant such as opportunities in modeling, acting, public speaking, radio jockeying, raising funds for non-profit organizations, social work and representing the South Asian Community at various events.

The pageant provides an opportunity for contestants to build their confidence, stage presence and personalities while networking with other smart people! This will be a memorable experience for everyone who participates regardless of the results. So we invite eligible candidates to seize the opportunity by taking advantage of this unique platform and stepping out of their comfort zones!